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The Jubilee River story - Who's who in this fiasco?

I have listed some of the main players (in alphabetical order by surname) excluding titles - including links to other references -

Make note of those well-paid individuals and organisations who had responsibility and authority but without any accountability!!!


Peter Ackers     (A clever and perceptive fellow)   Public Inquiry Assessor: P Ackers - M Sc(Eng) FCGI FICE MIWEM MASCE

Adam Afriyie - IPSA and public trust

Arup - Arup and cost reduction (Aug 2004) and EA - Clive Onions and Arup (Aug 2004)

Pamela Barnes-Taylor Rebellion grows - Jan 1992

Michael Bayley    JR not there to stop flooding - Michael Bailey

David Van Beesten   Letter to David Van Beesten (July 2004)

Hilary Benn    Environment Minister

Richard Benyon    (2010 -    ) Richard Benyon on flooding (pre 2010 election)

Chris Birks    Chris Birks - EA Thames region director - August 2004 - A hard lesson in soft engineering - EA - Clive Onions and Arup (Aug 2004) 

Doubts growing (Sept 2004)

Gillie Bolton

David Burbage RBWM promises?

David Chrichton -  Flood Risk and Insurance

Tom Crossett    Learning lessons from the 2007 floods - Tom Crossett

Michael Davies  Chairman - Thames RFDC - Delay could cost lives - Nov 1991

Alastair Driver    Slice of life for rare birds (Daily Telegraph - April 1991)

Alan Glyn     Parliament - Setting the scene - Nov 1991

John Gummer    Report and Ministerial approval

John Harman    Chairman - EA Board

Michael Heseltine   Heseltine to study flood plans - Nov 1991    Public Inquiry announced - Jan 1992

Michael Howard    Report and Ministerial approval

Vicky Howes   Row over flood map rumpus (Sept 2004)

Phil Jackson    Reflections on the water - by Phil Jackson

Paul Jowitt    Letter to the President - ICE

Ewan Larcombe     How to contact me

Cllr. Lawrence

Paul Leinster    EA - CEO

Lewin Fryer & Partners  1991 flood map  Environment Agency v. Lewin Fryer & Partners (MWEFAS designers)

Colin Martin           Flood plan up for approval - Jan 1991 - Slice of life for rare birds (Telegraph - April 1991) Colin Martin BSc CEng MICE FIWEM  - MWEFAS cost reduction 1995 - 2002 -

Andrew McKay    Andrew MacKay - Dec 1991 - Andrew MacKay + Tim Yeo - Jan 1992

Chris Mills    Residents to act over flooding - The Flood Prevention Society

Elliot Morley    -  March 2003 - Elliot Morley and Ministerial denialElliot Morley to face criminal charges - Elliot Morley trial dateElliot Morley and Jubilee River justice?

Nuttall    Nuttall leaflet

Clive Onions   Clive Onions, BSc, CEng, MICE, MIStructE, MCIWEM, MIHT - April 2003 - The FRAG manoeuvre. and  Flood fears as rains come (Nov 2003) and  FRAG report   and Flood, sweat and jeers (Aug 2004) and   EA - Clive Onions and Arup (Aug 2004)

J D (Doug) Perret   The 1992 PI - Mr J D Perret for Datchet PC

Roger Powling     Hello JR - EA Newsletter - April 2001

Peter Quarmby    Peter Quarmby letter - Sept 2005

Graham Sinclair     So is the Jubilee River to blame?

B Smith     EA letter to B Smith via Wilshire - July 2004

Chris Smith    Smith replaces Harman

Mike Smith    Residents to act over flooding

Tim Smith     Parliament - Setting the scene - Nov 1991

Caroline Spelman    Environment Minister (2010 -     )    Cornwall - Lessons can be learned? (Dec 2010)

Ian Thompson  Comments from Ian Thomson on 1895 flood event. Engineer concerned - 16/1/2003   - JR known to be flawed before 2003 flood event (May 2004). - Doubts growing (Sept 2004) Myrke Embankment Condition Report (Apr 2009)

Ian Tomes    EA Flood Risk Manager

Michael Trend     Trend repays 90,000.

Roger Tuffley    RBWM - Env Board Mtg - 9 Sept 1991

Jean Venables    Jean Venables (ex-chair of Thames RFDC) to become President of ICE

Roger Venables Beware cost cutting (Roger Venables)

Andrew Windsor (Prince Andrew)  Jubilee River is ready to protect (July 2002)

David Wilshire - Fiddled expenses?

Tim Yeo -     Heseltine to study flood plans - Nov 1991    Andrew MacKay + Tim Yeo - Jan 1992

Barbara Young   EA - CEO  Nov 2003 - EA Board cover-up and Internet blunder- Young quits Barbara Young


Who's who at the EA?