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The Jubilee River story - MWEFAS cost reduction 1995 - 2002

No sooner were the construction contracts placed than a cost-reduction programme commenced...........

What I find totally unacceptable here is that a large and expensive project - having been thoroughly scrutinised at a public inquiry and then approved by the Minister (with associated Directions) - is immediately thrown open and considered ripe for change!

(Extract from page 14 of 21 from a report by Colin Martin)


Shortly after award a Value Engineering workshop was organised and representatives from all the

interested parties (Client, designers, contractor, about 12 people in all) met at a location remote

from their usual workplace and following a “get to know you” dinner and several “getting to know

you really well” drinks spent a full day in a brainstorming session. Every aspect of the tendered

design was subjected to cursory review and possible changes, which ranged from the conventional

to the bizarre, were considered.

The full 21 page report (76kB.pdf) dated September 1999 from Colin Martin to Ciwem can be viewed by following the link below:

Cost-reduction commenced as construction contracts were placed - a report by Colin Martin