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The Jubilee River Guided Tour

Come and see for yourself where the Environment Agency spent £110m of public money to reduce the risk of flooding in Windsor, Eton and Maidenhead.  Not only sub-standard in design and construction, but many of the Jubilee River structures fell apart on first use in January 2003 – and hundreds of homes downstream flooded for the first time since 1947.

'Not our fault that you flooded' bleated the EA.

Then came an EA inquiry (a.k.a. orchestrated whitewash?), £5m in repair costs and a £2.75m out-of-court settlement paid by the designer’s insurer.

The Jubilee River is still falling apart and unable to carry its design capacity of 215 cumecs.

The channel suffered significant structural damage when operated by the Environment Agency during the January and February 2014 flood events.

In my opinion not only is the Jubilee River sub-standard both in design and construction but now it is also structurally unsound and indeed unstable.

Unbelievable but true, the Environment Agency continues to deny liability while simultaneously refusing to dredge the Thames for flood defence purposes and also promoting their £300m Lower Thames Flood Risk Management Strategy (LTFRMS) but now called the River Thames Scheme (Datchet to Teddington).

And now the Archimedean Screws are coming..............

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