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The Jubilee River story - April 2003 - The FRAG manoeuvre.

After demands for a Public Inquiry into the January 2003 flooding were rejected by Elliot Morley (the Minister) a Flood Risk Action Group was formed to investigate and report on the event. 

The FRAG was funded by the Environment Agency, Chaired by Clive Onions, BSc, CEng, MICE, MIStructE, MCIWEM, MIHT and reported in April 2004.

For the complete report please see:  Mechanisms of Flooding Report by Clive Onions - April 2004 (340kB)

The Clive Onions - Flood, sweat and jeers article was then published in August 2004.

Flood Risk Action Group report - by Clive Onions Mechanisms of Flooding Report - Volumes 1 to 4 March 2004

One of the main recommendations refers to main river dredging as follows:

Page 30 of 35 - Recommendations:

(e) The Environment Agency needs to secure, as a matter of urgency, new arrangements for the disposal of dredged materials.

You can judge for yourself whether the recommendations have been implemented.