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The Jubilee River story - Some big problems still awaiting resolution

Since the MWEFAS project was conceived in the 1980's, constructed between 1996 and 2002 and used in 2003, a number of 'shortcomings' have been revealed.

Changing the name from MWEFAS to Jubilee River hid rather than cured the problems.

This page briefly identifies some of  the problems and provides links to further information.

These are problems that the Environment Agency hope will 'just go away' if they ignore them for long enough.........


 Some big problems still awaiting resolution

  The Jubilee River algae problem - every year    
  River Thames lack of dredging leading to reduced conveyance capacity and bed rise flooding    
  River Thames used for radioactive waste disposal for 50 years (Welcome to Pangbourne?)    
  Repaired Jubilee River still 10% under capacity    
  The Myrke embankment - insufficient bend radius problem - the EA cannot hide this one!    

The Myrke embankment - 1.3m rebuild in 2004 - and still degrading problem

  Myrke embankment condition report (Apr 2009)    
  The Myrke ditch maintenance problem    
  Colin Martin and 'The Castle Avenue promise'    
  The Ellesmere Close (Datchet) problem    
  The flooded footpath at Black Potts problem    
  Flood water flow through unprotected Victorian railway arches    
  Flood water flow over unprotected  public footpath at Black Potts    
  The Black Potts embankment problem    
  Taplow gauging still not working    
  MWEFAS Operating Procedure    
  Flood insurance issues