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The Jubilee River story - Have you seen the Lewin, Fryer1991 map?

This is the Cookham to Datchet map published by Lewin, Fryer and Partners in November 1991 showing the post-scheme residual flooding map for the design flood.  The map is split into two sections for scanning purposes.  The area marked in blue is liable to flood, and the area marked in red is defended as a result of constructing the project.  Just compare these maps that were used to justify the MWEFAS project in 1992 against the current EA flood maps..........

High resolution images of these maps are available (on this web site) via the links at the bottom of the page.

Cookham to Maidenhead

Windsor, Eton and Datchet.

Cookham to Maidenhead - High resolution image - 2.5Mb

Windsor, Eton and Datchet - High resolution image - 3.0Mb

Colin Martin BSc CEng MICE FIWEM (+ 1992 PI evidence)

The Ellesmere Close (Datchet) problem