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The Jubilee River story - The Ellesmere Close (Datchet) problem

At the 1992 Public Inquiry, the NRA (National Rivers Authority - predecessor to the EA) stated in evidence that as a result of building the MWEFAS project approximately 200 additional homes in Datchet would be protected from flooding. Have you seen the 1991 map?

You can view the supporting evidence here -  Have you seen the 1991 map? and Colin Martin BSc CEng MICE FIWEM (+ 1992 PI evidence)

After the construction of the MWEFAS project was completed in 2002 new flood maps were issued by the EA and RBWM clearly showing the newly defended area.

I have reproduced a section of the map below and coloured the newly defended areas in yellow.

RBWM planning approval based on the revised flood maps enabled construction to commence on a new housing development in Ellesmere Close (not yet shown on the map) by Michael Shanley Group.

Reality dawned after the January 2003 flood event and the new flood maps were quickly superseded leading to significant disagreement - Row over flood map rumpus (Sept 2004)

The flood plain was reinstated - leading to a series of adjacent houses rising gradually higher out of the ground as they were built.

I will make no further comment at present!