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The Jubilee River story - Letter to David Van Beesten (July 2004)

2 Eton Close, Datchet

7 July 2004


David Van Beesten

Environment Agency, Frimley Office

Frimley Business Park,


Surrey GU16 5SQ


Dear Mr Van Beesten

Replacement of the Myrke Bank.

I have been requested to view and comment on the W S Atkins Ltd. drawings recently issued to Ewan Larcombe of Datchet Parish Council by the Environment Agency concerning the redesign and replacement of the Myrke embankment.

The overview comments are as follows:

1)         Consideration should be made for the reinforcing rip-rap to be extended above the 17m retained water level. The radial and scouring forces acting on the bend radii are considerable and will force water through the embankment, as seen and photographed in 2003, and that has removed the previous turf covering during that flood event. 

2)         The embankment height should be considered with regard to the superimposed water height, taking place on the peripheral radius of the Myrke bend.

3)         The surveyed Agars Plough appears to consist of two radii, one 90m and the other 80m centre line radius.  Can you please confirm if this is design intent as neither appear to comply with the recommended width/radius proportions set out within the design codes of practice, which in turn may lead to higher forces being imposed on the embankment?

4)         Is the design compliant with containment at 215 cumecs water flow volume?

5)         Is there an intention to provide vertical reinforcing within the embankment, as the horizontal layers of reinforcing appear to provide a series of horizontal shear points?

6)         Can you provide a H & S method statement of how the quicklime is to be handled, added to the construction, and confirm if any leaching effect into either Agars Plough arable land or the Jubilee River will occur, and the extent of that effect if it does?

7)         Is there any intention to continue to take soil core samples as the work progresses as there is a possibility that the unsuitable embankment material may be the same as the base sub-strata?  I had some concern on the issue when viewing the work during construction as the sub-soil base conducts ground water very quickly within Agars Plough.

8)         Is the Myrke ditch to be relocated or piped further from the embankment to provide additional stability as the drawings relating to this appears to be missing from the set?

Your comments on the above would be appreciated, and will be passed on to Datchet Parish Council for their consideration.

Yours sincerely

 Ian Thompson

Committee Member CSG South


Cc        Jes Jarvis                      Chairman CSG South

            Ewan Larcombe           Datchet Parish Council