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Algae problem and the Jubilee River swamp

Archive index

Audio and visual

Barbara Young

CCTV  and live links

CoWs re-designated as 'main river' (April 2004)

Catchment Flood Management Plans

Clanfield (West Oxon) pages

Complaints to the flooding Ombudsman

Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 - EA lose Crown Immunity

Darfield flooding and fish pass

Datchet Common Brook

   List of Datchet Parish Council objections to MWEFAS - first published May 1992

Datchet - possible channel routes

EA agrees 2.75m out-of-court settlement

Environment Agency fined 7,500 for pollution (May 2006)

EA lose Crown Immunity

EA to reduce numbers of lock keepers cottages

EA to pull plug on NFF (Dec 2007

Who's who in this fiasco?


East Riding Yorkshire at risk

Elliot Morley - Eliot Morley and the Old Bailey


Enmainment and CoWs - re-designated as 'main river' (April 2004)


Eton Road car park saga........

Flood Action Group - set up a FLAG

 Flooding - Technical papers and reports

Flood & Water Management Act 2010


Flood Risk Regulations 2009


Government response to EFRA report

Group Against Reservoir Dev't

High Ford Weir - flood damage

Horton - possible channel routes

Hull - CFMP Summary (1Mb.pdf)

 Hydropower - EA double standards?

Jean Venables

Jubilee River guided tours

Jubilee River and sub-standard hydraulic models

Jubilee River - key facts

Jubilee River story

 Jubilee River - The algae problem

Jubilee River - what's wrong?

Lock keepers' liquidation

London Tideway Tunnels

(LTFRMS) Jubilee River extension - consultation - Sep 2009

Main rivers

Marlow Flood Alleviation Scheme

The Maskirovka letter (Dec 2005)

Michael Trend


Morpeth and Morpeth Flood Action Group

Myrke Ditch - maintenance?

Myrke Embankment condition

MWEFAS Operating Procedure

National Flood Forum

Ordinary watercourses

Queen Mother Reservoir problem (2.4m dia. burst pipe) April 2006

Wraysbury Railway Bridge collapse - images (1988)


Realistic disaster scenarios

River Hull Action Group

Slough Weir problems - 2005 - 680,000 repairs


Staines Moor floods

Steventon reservoir

Technical papers and reports on flooding  

Thames Catchment Flood Management Plan

Thames - LTFRM Strategy

Thames - Radioactive waste disposal

Thames - Realistic Disaster Scenarios

Thames - River levels on-line

Upper Thames MRD

Watercourse maintenance problems?

West Oxon DC - Parish flood reports

We own the EA!!

Who's who in this fiasco?

Windsor  Hydropower  project

Windsor Link Rail

Windsor Wind Power

Wraysbury - flood images - 1947 with 2009 comparison

Wraysbury - 1947 flood pictures

Wraysbury - possible channel routes

Wraysbury Drain - maintenance?

Wraysbury - railway bridge collapse  

Wraysbury River - maintenance

  Wraysbury - 2003 gravel pit problem