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Look out - Here comes

Windsor Link Rail

Connecting the Thames Valley, Heathrow and the whole country

Note that the Crossrail extension is dependent on Crossrail's assent and will be completed after the main Crossrail construction phase


New bridge[s] to replace existing level crossings, solving traffic problems. Impact of bridge minimised by dropping level of train track and station by 6. New connections to the north (via Windsor and Maidenhead), Heathrow (direct) and the south (via Staines and Ascot).



Windsor Link Rail

Connecting the Thames Valley, Heathrow and the whole country

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The map below shows the northern section of the Windsor Link Railway, linking from Heathrow to High Wycombe.


The red line shows the new route, mostly running along existing rail track, except between Heathrow and Sunnymead and between Cookham and High Wycombe.  Note that the precise alignment of the new or restored rail links is yet to be decided.  If you have anything to say, please get in touch.


The black station names are existing rail stations, which will be upgraded as part of this project.  The blue stations are completely new.  Again details of these are yet to be confirmed. The idea, however, is to encourage rail usage by making it easier to get onto the network.  Instead of having to fight your way into a town centre to a station built in another age, you will be able to get directly from the motorway to the railwy with easy parking and connections.




External link to Windsor Lines Passenger Association