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The Jubilee River story - Algae and the Jubilee River swamp........

This subject is on two pages due to the high resolution nature of the images.

I raised the algae issue in 1991 - The killer algae threat - Nov 1991

The National Rivers Authority then failed to heed concerns about algae at the 1992 MWEFAS Public Inquiry.

Now almost every year the Jubilee River is heavily contaminated with dangerous algae and weed, and most of my attempts to get the Environment Agency to acknowledge responsibility and take action have failed.

The Environment Agency has produced warning signs that states: 'These pose no risk to human health or the environment'

29/7/10 - Algae in the Jubilee River again (a Health and Safety issue)

    Algal mat warning sign - July 2009

The Environment Agency now refuses to talk to me about algae.

Since April 2008 the Environment Agency no longer has Crown Immunity from prosecution.

The algae growth rate is dependent on the weather.  The slow flowing, warm water in the Jubilee River shallows is heavily polluted with nitrates and phosphates from agricultural runoff into the Thames.

It is the sub-standard design and operation of the Jubilee River that supports the effective and efficient production and retention of algae creating a significant health and safety issue.

I have many pictures taken over the years - below are some representative samples

  Algae - Manor Farm Weir - Aug 2004 (589kB)

   Algae - Slough Weir - Aug 2005 (556kB)

   Algae - Black Potts - July 2006 (High resolution image)

  Algae - Slough Weir - July 2006 (High resolution image)

  Algae - Marsh Lane - July 2006 (High resolution image)


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