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The Jubilee River story - The Maskirovka letter

18 December 2005 - from Ewan Larcombe, 67 Lawn Close, Datchet SL3 9LA

Dear Sir

Maskirovka*  is alive and well, and indeed the Environment Agency (EA) is now developing the practice into an art form. Aided and abetted by other authorities including the Thames Region Flood Defence Committee (RFDC), the obfuscation and filibustering continues unabated on the £110m Jubilee River (JR) fiasco.

Recent publications from the EA disinformation department include a revised JR operating procedure and yet another set of River Thames flood risk maps, both of which are of questionable quality and value, except of course to the insurance companies who will be demanding increased premiums because your home is shown within the flood risk area. (If you are unhappy with your increased premiums, I believe you can obtain more detailed flood risk information directly from the EA but predictably this service is not free.)

Did you know that in mid 2004 Defra circulated and invited responses to a strategy consultation document that considered the adverse human and economic consequences of flooding? Called ‘Making Space for Water’ the main themes were risk management, the sustainable approach, planning and building, and public awareness. Open for comments for a three month period that closed on November 1 2004, by accident or design the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead apparently neither submitted a response themselves nor passed the document on to their Parish Councils.

So what good is a nationwide consultation on flooding if it fails to reach those people who are most affected?

*Maskirovka – a Soviet military term for disinformation and deception.

Ewan Larcombe

Added 1/1/2006  - MASKIROVKA - A set of processes designed to mislead, confuse, and interfere with accurate data collection regarding all areas of plans, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses (of a force organization or nation).  Also called SOVIET MASKIROVKA.

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