Motions for Parish Council Meetings 21 June 2021

The following extracts from the two current agendas for the Datchet and Wraysbury Parish Council meetings can be found on their respective web sites.

Datchet PC

  1. Flooding and Drainage
  • Lead Councillor’s Report and any recommendations (Cllr I. Thompson)
  • Motion 1: To confirm that Datchet Parish Council recognises the importance of Channel One as part of a coherent flood alleviation project and supports the Wraysbury Parish Council River Thames Scheme Letter Before Action sent to RBWM.
  • Motion 2: To confirm that the DPC recognises the harm that large releases from Taplow Control Structure causes, and requires the EA to limit releases to small increments at more frequent time periods and reduce Jubilee River Conveyance capacity to a volume that is compatible with current Datchet flood defences and land drainage infrastructure

 Wraysbury PC

A motion of no confidence in our 2 Ward Councillors, Cllr D Cannon and Cllr G Muir following their failure to support their constituents by abstaining in the vote on the petition of RBWM to honour its commitment to partnership funding of the River Thames Scheme was submitted by Cllr E Larcombe.

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