Splash & Wraysbury Drain @ 3-4-2020

Image 2

Wraysbury and Horton Drain Issues 3rd April 2020:  A brief report to Wraysbury Parish Council and RBWM Background:  As reported previously the Weir at Wraysbury Station was repaired in July 2019.  Some channel clearance has been done but the channel itself requires further urgent attention.

  • Channel capacity severely limited at Station Road, Wraysbury.
  • Channel totally blocked and fenced over at Feathers Lane, Wraysbury.
  • Unauthorised culvert between Feathers Lane and Hythe End Road.
  • Metal railings collapsed (safety issue) at Hythe End Road.
  • Weldmesh installed in channel flow path at Hythe End Road.

The current position:  Recent inspection has revealed there is sufficient water at the Wraysbury Station Weir (image 1) but water flow, level and quality is declining rapidly downstream at The Splash (image 2).   In fact, the waterway is choked by two fallen trees (image 3 and image 4) in the channel section upstream of the entrance to the Wraysbury Dive Centre in Station Road. The four images may also be viewed via the links below:  Image 1 – Weir at Wraysbury Station  Image 2 – The Splash  Image 3 – Fallen tree   Image 4 – Fallen tree There is an urgent need for inspection and maintenance of the individual sections of the Wraysbury Drain from Wraysbury Station to the Colne Brook at Hythe End.   In addition to the two trees upstream of the Dive Centre there are two more fallen trees raising the level and restricting the flow of the Horton Drain at Wraysbury Station. My understanding is that the Horton and Wraysbury Drains are designated ‘ordinary watercourses’ and the responsibility of the lead local flood authority (i.e. RBWM). The bottom line:  In spite of significant expenditure to date, in the absence of prompt and effective action by the authorities to re-establish sufficient flow – the Wraysbury Drain and thus The Splash will go dry again. 

Councillor Ewan Larcombe          (Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury Ward)

Tel 01753 544302           Email: cllr.larcombe@rbwm.gov.uk