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Jubilee River 20th Anniversary


Extract from Windsor Express 29/9/2022 The Jubilee River is just over seven miles long and was completed in 2002 to take overflow from the River Thames and alleviate flooding for thousands of nearby homes. The article does not say that the design and construction was sub-standard, that the channel is unable to carry its design ….  Read More

River Tone stripped of trees


Anglers ‘heartbroken’ as stretch of River Tone stripped of trees Environment Agency devastates banks of river near Taunton ‘to protect properties in Bathpool’ Banks of the River Tone after the Environment agency cleared a 250-metre stretch. Photograph: Dominic Garnett/PA Maya Wolfe-Robinson Sun 6 Feb 2022 11.00 GMT Anglers are “heartbroken” after a 250-metre stretch of ….  Read More

The Environment Act 2021


Environment Act 2021 – November 2021 An Act to make provision about targets, plans and policies for improving the natural environment; for statements and reports about environmental protection; for the Office for Environmental Protection; about waste and resource efficiency; about air quality; for the recall of products that fail to meet environmental standards; about water; ….  Read More

Extract from Parliamentary Report on flooding – ref ‘meaningful engagement’


Extract from report 142.    We have listened with great concern to evidence that local communities feel disengaged and ignored in decisions relevant to flood risk. It is clear that, where risk management authorities do engage with local people, this engagement is often not perceived as meaningful or impactful. Communities must not be treated as groups who have ….  Read More

Splash - overgrown

The Splash at Wraysbury 25-7-2021


  The Splash at The Green in Wraysbury has gone dry and is overgrown due to channel blockages upstream towards Wraysbury Station in the Station Road area.  These blockages were referred to in a previous page (dated 3-4-2020) and have not been cleared for over one year.  The previous page can be found here Image ….  Read More

Wraysbury parish council has ‘no confidence’ in two ward councillors


Wraysbury parish council has ‘no confidence’ in two ward councillors               – Windsor Observer 22/6/2021 By James Bagley Local Democracy Reporter (From left) Cllrs Gary Muir and David Cannon AN ANGRY parish council have said they have ‘no confidence’ in their two ward councillors after they “failed” to support a petition on an essential flood defence scheme. ….  Read More