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The Jubilee River story - The Myrke problem

The Myrke Ditch runs adjacent to the Myrke embankment and is designated main river and thus the responsibility of the Environment Agency.  When the route of the Jubilee River was changed due to the discovery of archaeological remains on the Eton College playing fields, the Myrke Ditch had to be relocated.  Consequently the Jubilee River crossed the Parish boundary and came into Datchet.

Due to the nature of the new watercourse and in particular the high concentrations of nutrient in slow-flowing shallow water, the plant growth rate is simply explosive.

Failure to monitor and control the weed growth quickly results in a blocked watercourse.

This image - with the overgrown Myrke Ditch in centre and with the Myrke embankment (note exposed geo-textile reinforcement) to the right - taken on 20/7/2009

The Myrke - October 2016 - poor maintenance

090725 - Myrke Ditch

Myrke flood bank - including 2004 pictures

Myrke Remedial works sign - October 2004

Myrke flood bank - February 2009

Myrke flood bank - structural condition April 2009

7/5/09 - This is what a flood bank should look like............

9/10/09 - Environment Agency - unable to build or maintain a simple flood defence!

16/10/09 - Letter to National Audit Office about Myrke Embankment degradation.