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The Myrke - October 2016 - poor maintenance

Below: an e-mail to my lead local flood authority and two images

For other images please see previous page via link - The Myrke problem - October 2010


Knowing that you have a Borough flood meeting tomorrow I wish to draw your attention to (yet again) the deplorable state of The Myrke adjacent to the Jubilee River in Datchet.  I recorded the attached images on Friday 14th October 2016 while accompanied by a group of Oxford University students.

This watercourse was Critical Ordinary Watercourse and is now designated main river.  Apart from restricted capacity the water quality is degraded due to sewage pollution from Slough.

I have tried for years (and failed) to get these issues permanently sorted and I now intend to collate and present my images from 2003 onwards as a prime example of long term negligence, fractured/dysfunctional responsibility and lack of accountability.

The problems in this area are just the tip of the iceberg.  May I suggest that while the RBWM is putting over 250,000 p/a into the proposed River Thames Scheme a significant proportion of the national land drainage infrastructure is suffering from a lack of maintenance - and getting steadily worse.


Ewan Larcombe

Below: Upstream and downstream views of The Myrke at Datchet