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The EA has failed to maintain the Myrke Ditch and flood bank.

Pictured below is The Myrke Ditch at Eton Road in Datchet.  This ditch is designated Main River i.e. previously critical ordinary watercourse due to its potential to cause flooding.  The Environment Agency own and are responsible for the maintenance of both the Myrke Ditch and the adjacent flood bank.  This photograph was taken on 20 July 2009 and records the overgrown condition of the watercourse and the exposed geotextile reinforcement on the Jubilee River flood bank .  The word negligence comes to mind.   Need I say any more .........

Text Box: Myrke Ditch


Myrke flood bank - including 2004 pictures

Myrke Remedial works sign - October 2004

Myrke flood bank - February 2009

Myrke flood bank - structural condition April 2009

7/5/09 - This is what a flood bank should look like............

9/10/09 - Environment Agency - unable to build or maintain a simple flood defence!

16/10/09 - Letter to National Audit Office about Myrke Embankment degradation.

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Text Box: Jubilee River flood bank