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Jubilee River flood bank at The Myrke, Datchet (7/2/2009) 

Environment Agency - negligent or just careless?


Geotextile reinforcement exposed.

The photograph below clearly shows significant degradation of the flood bank. 

Substandard when first built, this embankment was dismantled and rebuilt in 2004 at a cost of 1.3m.


The photograph below was taken in December 2004 and shows the newly turfed structure.

Other Myrke embankment pictures

Myrke embankment - April 2009 picture

30/1/10 - Myrke embankment continues to degrade (1.6 Mb panoramic image)

The Salix solution (2005)

16/10/09 - Letter to National Audit Office about Myrke Embankment degradation.

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