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The Jubilee River story - What's wrong with the Jubilee River? (and the Environment Agency)

'110,000,000 of your money and no accountability.'

“We know the Jubilee River works, there is no question about it. Nonetheless, the Atkins reviews do raise important concerns that the Environment Agency is addressing with urgency.” (Chris Birks - EA Thames region director - August 2004)

In brief: 

The Environment Agency spent 110m of public money on this flood alleviation scheme between 1996 and 2003.

A flawed concept, sub-standard design and construction, and mis-operation led to hundreds of homes downstream of Windsor flooding for the first time in over fifty years, a 5m repair bill and a 2.75m out-of-court settlement with the designers.

In January 2003 (at only 2/3rds capacity) almost every structure and embankment sustained damage.

The Jubilee River is still unable to carry its design capacity, and the Myrke embankment is still incorrect and degrading, and nobody is accountable!

And in Sept 2009  the EA announced a 300m scheme to build three new channels > LTFRMS Consultation

Jubilee River - Key Facts

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