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National Flood Prevention Society - Index of contents  (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

The Flood Prevention Society already exists and can be found by following the link to the Flood Prevention Society

This page (the NFPS) aims to connect the victims of sporadic flood events, to raise awareness of Government and Environment Agency ploys and strategies and to focus efforts on flood defence investment and preparedness rather than 'flood risk management'.

E-Petition Have you been flooded?  Do you live or work in an area at risk of flooding?  I believe that the drainage infrastructure (and in particular main rivers) has been neglected thus exacerbating flooding.  We should establish a Royal Commission on Land Drainage (last held - 1927) to examine whether the capability of existing catchment drainage systems meet both current and future needs.  Global warming and climate change is the subject of current debate. We have no control over precipitation in terms of timing, quantity or geographical distribution but we do have the option to maintain and/or improve the land drainage infrastructure in order to reduce the probability of flooding. Please follow the link below to sign the e-petition

 - Link to HM Government e-petition to establish a Royal Commission on Land Drainage -  

If you would like your story published here, please let me know - How to contact me

The Bosham Flood Prevention Strategy

The Flood Prevention Society

Morpeth Flood Action Group

River Hull Flood Action Group and contact details

     The National Flood Prevention Party

List of some Flood Action Groups with web sites

External links

Freuchie Flood Action Group

Workington Flood Action Group


Flood Risk Management:

Where there is a flood risk - develop a common long-term flood prevention and protection strategy and measures covering the entire river catchment area.