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The Jubilee River story - List of Flood Action Groups

Over time the Environment Agency and some local authorities have failed to maintain flood defences to an appropriate standard.

A flood event occurs (e.g. 2003 - downstream of Windsor) and the Environment Agency then sets up a 'Flood Risk Action Group' to investigate the causes of that flood event.

After about 12 months, the FRAG concludes that the flood event was caused by 'unprecedented rainfall' and offers a few recommendations that are unlikely to be implemented. Records of meetings and report conclusions that were published on the web are erased with indecent haste.

This leaves dissatisfied and angry people to set up new organisations - normally with the aim of reducing the probability of flooding locally.

The Bosham Flood Prevention Strategy is detailed and well worth reading

Below are external links to some interesting Flood Action Group web sites:

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Freuchie Flood Action Group

Kempsey Flood Action Group

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Morpeth Flood Action Group

Workington Flood Action Group