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'For and against' the LTFRMS

I do wonder whether these people really know what they are doing?

Lower Thames Flood Risk Management Strategy


I have no confidence in these proposals or the ability of the Environment Agency to reduce the risk of flooding using such complex and expensive engineering solutions!

Some facts about the Jubilee River:

Hydraulic model deficiency first identified at 1992 Public Inquiry

Cost - about £110m

Seven years to build (1995-2002)

£5m in repairs after first use in 2003

£2.75m settlement for substandard design and construction plus [Environment Agency v. Lewin Fryer & Partners]

Jubilee River channel and structures are currently degrading fast.

You can see Dr Paul Leinster (EA CEO) being quizzed by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee here:

For six weeks I attended the Public Inquiry into the MWEFAS project in 1992. 

In my opinion the £300m LTFRMS proposal is just history repeating itself, and worse still the EA is unwilling and /or unable to learn from its mistakes.

The River Thames suffering from benign neglect due to lack of dredging.  The bed is rising with a consequential and significant reduction in conveyance capacity.

Some facts about the River Thames:

Radioactive waste discharged into the Thames (from Aldermaston) for fifty years.

River Thames not dredged for flood defence purposes since 1995.

Sediment now classed as hazardous liquid waste.

No facilities for dredging treatment or disposal.

I urge you to check the EA web site maps for all types of flooding in your area.  The insurance companies are using the information supplied by the EA to increase both premiums and excess.  The situation is already difficult, but when the current agreement (about insurance availability) between the Government and the ABI runs out in 2013, things could get worse!

My final point is that you ensure that the gutters on your house are clean and working properly.  The local Council keeps the highway drains clean so that the roads donít flood, but in contrast the EA (with responsibility for main river flooding) deliberately ignores the Thames, preferring instead to propose extravagant new projects for enhanced reputation and kudos.

27/11/2011 Published and printed by Ewan Larcombe, 67 Lawn Close, Datchet SL3 9LA

National Flood Prevention Party    Tel 01753 544302


(Lower Thames Flood Risk Management Strategy)

My view is that in order to properly understand the Environment Agency LTFRMS proposal it is preferable to be aware of the history and consequences of the MWEFAS project (renamed Jubilee River in 2002) so here are a few pointers to consider.

Why should we object to the consultation process itself?

Why should we support the scheme?

Why should we object to the scheme?

What happens if we do nothing?

Why do we need a Public Inquiry?

What else can we do?

What do I think about LTFRMS?

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Below are the links to two short films from January 2007

Short film - Jan 2007- Thames dredging (23mB wmv)

Short film - Jan 2007 - Jubilee River fiasco (50mB wmv)


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