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The Jubilee River story - Making Space for Water

First Government response - March 2005 - Executive Summary


The Government confirms the strategic direction of travel set out in the

document Making space for water published on 29 July 2004. In the

light of positive reactions from stakeholders to that document, the

Government will, over the 20-year lifetime of the new strategy,

implement a more holistic approach to managing flood and coastal

erosion risks in England. The approach will involve taking account of all

sources of flooding, embedding flood and coastal risk management

across a range of Government policies, and reflecting other relevant

Government policies in the policies and operations of flood and coastal

erosion risk management.

The aim will be to manage risks by employing an integrated portfolio of

approaches which reflect both national and local priorities, so as to:

reduce the threat to people and their property; and

deliver the greatest environmental, social and economic benefit,

consistent with the Government’s sustainable development principles.

To deliver that aim the Government is setting in hand a wide-ranging

programme of action

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