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The Jubilee River story - The Natural Environment White Paper - Call for evidence (now closed).

Extract from the Defra web site

The Natural Environment White Paper is a statement outlining the Governmentís vision for the natural environment over the next 50 years, backed up with practical action to deliver.

You can read the White Paper and press release.

Alongside the White Paper, the Government has published its response to the Lawton Review. The Review, Making Space for Nature, found that nature in England is highly fragmented and unable to respond effectively to new pressures, such as climate and population change. The Governmentís response reflects evidence in the National Ecosystem Assessment, and builds on outcomes of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Nagoya in October 2010.

What does the White Paper mean for you?

You can find out what the White Paper means for

White Paper themes

Protecting and improving our natural environment

We will work to improve the quality of our natural environment and will aim to halt the decline in habitats and species, degradation of landscapes and erosion of natural capital. We will achieve this through more joined-up action at local and national level to create an ecological network resilient to changing pressures.


The Natural Environment White Paper

19 May 2011
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee will hold an oral evidence session in relation to the Natural Environment White Paper which is due to be published by Defra in June. The Committee will hear the initial responses from a range of interested parties to the White Paperís themes and proposals. The public are welcome to attend this meeting which will take place in a committee room in the House of Commons.

Visitors should check the exact location nearer the time on



To help inform this session, the Committee invites any interested party to submit in writing by Tuesday 21 June 2011 (now closed) their brief comments (500 words maximum) setting out initial reactions to the Natural Environment White Paper, focussing in particular on:

  • Any key elements in the White Paper which are supported;
  • Any particular sections which could be improved;
  • Any omissions from the White Paper which Defra should rectify.

In addition, the Committee welcomes suggestions for issues it may wish to include in terms of reference for a possible future Select Committee inquiry into detailed aspects of the White Paper.

More information about the required format of submissions is given below.


Submissions should be in Word or rich text format and sent by e-mail to  The body of the e-mail must include a contact name, telephone number and postal address. The e-mail should also make clear who the submission is from.

Submissions must address the matters outlined above. They should be as brief as possible, and no more than 500 words.  Paragraphs should be numbered for ease of reference. 

Committees make public much of the evidence they receive during inquiries. If you do not wish your submission to be published, you must clearly say so. If you wish to include private or confidential information in your submission to the Committee, please contact the Clerk of the Committee to discuss this. Please bear in mind that Committees are not able to investigate individual cases.

Personal information, such as address and contact details, should be provided separately from the body of your submission. You should be aware that there may be circumstances in which the House of Commons will be required to communicate information to third parties on request, in order to comply with its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Submissions should be original work, not previously published or circulated elsewhere. Once submitted, no public use should be made of the submission unless you have first obtained permission from the Committee.

For further details about this inquiry, please contact Sarah Coe, Environment Specialist on 020 7219 2290.