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The Jubilee River story - EA flood schemes progressing in 2011/12

Recently received from my Borough Councillor.............

Please find below an Environment Agency press release outlining the flood investment plans for Thames. This includes information on the flood and coastal risk management schemes that have been allocated Defra grant-in-aid funding by the Environment Agency Board. It is subject to approval from the Regional Flood Defence Committees.
The full list of schemes going ahead in England in 2011/12 is on the Environment Agency website:

This can be filtered using column B 'RFDC' to show the Thames schemes. This list was tabled and discussed at our January meeting as part of Item 5 Flood Defence Grant in Aid (T/RFDC/11/01).

The schemes listed will reduce the risks of flooding from rivers and the sea and coastal erosion. They do not include schemes that reduce the risks of other types of flooding, such as flooding from drains, sewers, groundwater or surface water, which are funded separately.

The list shows schemes progressing in 2011/12 only. Government funding for schemes starting in 2012/13 and beyond will be subject to the outcomes of the current consultation on funding reforms.

The list is subject to approval by RFDC, and the allocations for each scheme will be agreed at our next meeting. The funding for these schemes is in addition to the 10m local levy funding for the Thames region in 2011/12, which was agreed in November.  

For those of you who represent a group of local authorities, please share this information with your group.