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The Jubilee River story - Flood wardens resign.......

Note the distance between the building and the watercourse............

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Bournemouth - Flood wardens resign after new home built close to River Stour

New park home near to the River Stour

FLOOD wardens resigned en masse after a new home was put close to the bank of the River Stour.

The five volunteers all live at Iford Bridge Home Park in Bournemouth.

Ken Ayres, 73, the head warden and secretary of the residents association, said: “That part of the park is where the water comes in.

“We’re not happy about it and we’re not getting much support off the council.”

Bournemouth councillor Roger West, a long-time flood campaigner, said: “Permission should be refused.

“To even contemplate it during a period of climate change is awful.”

An Environment Agency spokesman said the park owner erected the base without permission.

The spokesman said: “We have agreed to the new unit being temporarily stored on the new base slab, pending consent determination.”

Site owner Maurice Sines said the council was “quite happy” with the location.

He said: “You are just listening to three or four people who have go nothing better to do that try and stir up trouble.

“The Environment Agency has asked for more details.

“We are working with an engineer that they recommended,” he added.

Bournemouth has nine park home sites with 750 residents.

Cllr Michael Filer, cabinet member for environment, said: “We understand residents' concerns about building on the flood plain. As well as one major incident in 2002 when the site was evacuated, we’ve had a series of major scares.

“We’re particularly concerned about elderly residents, with services such as gas and electricity having to be switched off.

“Unfortunately our powers are limited because temporary structures do not require planning permission. “The site owner has been working closely with our officers to ensure he’s complying with his operating license."