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The Jubilee River story - Technical pages

Welcome to the flooding Technical pages - for experts, enthusiasts, academics, students and victims of flooding.

Please note that some of these files are very large and take time to download.

Myrke embankment condition report (Apr 2009)

Flood Risk Regulations 2009 (effective 10/12/2009)

Link to CRUE Research Report No I-1: (Systematisation, evaluation and context conditions of structural and non-structural measures for flood risk reduction) (5Mb.pdf)

Environment Agency v Lewin Fryer & Partners [2006] EWHC 1597 (TCC) (06 July 2006)

7/10/09 - Dredging document - Lower Thames Dredging Study - July 2009

21/9/09 - Link to detailed LTFRMS document (15 pages - 2Mb.pdf)

30/8/09 - Technical paper on Lower Thames Strategy dredging (Conference - Reno USA - 2006)(214 Kb)

23/7/09 - Responses to Floods & Water Bill consultation

24/6/09 - Defending Critical Infrastructure (ICE Report)(1.8Mb)

9/6/09 - Technical document on River Dodder flooding by A M Cawley (.pdf)

26/3/09 - Flood Estimation Handbook

8/1/09 - Draft report on Morpeth flooding (JBA Consulting)(2MB)

23/12/08 - What is a CFMP and MDSF?

7/11/08 - Thames CFMP - 'increases frequency of flooding'

Thames Catchment Flood Management Plan (July 2008)

This is the Environment Agency's own document.

Guidebook of Applied Fluvial Geomorphology - R&D Technical Report FD1914 (7mB)

'The Jubilee River simply nothing to celebrate here' - presented by Ewan Larcombe  (transcript - CIWEM Conference, Bretton Hall, Wakefield - 15 September 2004)

 This investigation into the January 2003 Thames flood event was funded by the Environment Agency

 Mechanisms of Flooding Report by Clive Onions - April 2004 (340kB)


 This is the most recent (public) report on the physical state of the Jubilee River

 Jubilee River post 2003 Closure Report - Atkins - January 2007 (1mB)


 NAO report - March 2001

 National Audit Office Report - Inland Flood Defence (1.2mB)


 This is the Inspector's Report on the 1992 Public Inquiry into what is now known as the Jubilee River

 For copies of 1992 MWEFAS Public Inquiry Report, please contact me.

EA Board Paper - November 2003

1999 - Cost-reduction commenced as construction contracts were placed.....

'It would be very embarrassing to all concerned..........'(1992 PI extract)

 The Environment Food and Rural Affairs Parliamentary Select Committee were tasked to report on the Summer 2007 floods

 9/7/08 - Government response to EFRA report on flooding (268kB)

 9/7/08 - Government response to EFRA report on flooding (link to Parliament)

 7/5/08 - EFRA Report vol 1- 49 (717kB)

 7/5/08 - EFRA Report vol. 2 - evidence (6.2mB)

 7/5/08 - Extract from EFRA report

 7/5/08 - EFRA Press Release on 2007 summer flooding


26/10/08 - Thames RFDC flood defence levy 2008/9(London Borough figures)(350kB)

9/9/08 - 'Channel maintenance' (Environment Agency briefing note)

Severn and Avon Valley Combined Flood Group (5mB)

JMP Consultants Ltd., report dated Nov 2003

Defra - Making Space for Water Consultation - response summary (727kB)

Defra - Making Space for Water - Programme Organisation (101kB)

Defra - Making Space for Water - Delivery Plan (151kB)

Defra - Making Space for Water - Executive Summary (164kB)


25/6/08 - Pitt Review on Summer 2007 Flooding (Link to Cabinet Office)

1999 - Cost-reduction commenced as construction contracts were placed

Thames Catchment Flood Management Plan (Summary) (138kB .pdf)

7/11/08 - Thames CFMP - 'increases frequency of flooding'

Environment Agency - Flood Risk Management Strategy - 2003/8 (331kB.pdf)

Link to West Oxon DC - Parish flood reports

Queen Mother Reservoir problem

To be added:



CIWEM papers

MWEFAS Operating Procedure (5.6MB.pdf)


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