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The Jubilee River story - Thames CFMP

The Thames Region Catchment Flood Management Plan increases the risk or frequency of flooding in 18 of the 43 policy areas.

The Thames Catchment Flood Management Plan (July 2008) has now been published by the Environment Agency.   In its digital format, the plan consists of 17 files plus 7 appendices - total 101MB and extends to over 1,100 pages.   For that reason alone, I have not reproduced the entire document here.  I have extracted and reproduced below the essential elements of the Summary document i.e. the six policies and the 43 policy areas.

Extracts from the Thames CFMP (July 2008) Summary document show that the range of broad policy options are:

1. No active intervention (including flood warning and maintenance). Continue to monitor and advise.

2. Reduce existing flood risk management actions (accepting that flood risk will increase over time).

3. Continue with existing or alternative actions to manage flood risk at the current level (accepting that flood risk will increase overtime from this baseline).

4. Take further action to sustain current scale of flood risk into the future (responding to potential increases in flood risk from urban development, land use change, and climate change).

5. Take further action to reduce the risk of flooding (now and/or in the future).

6. Take action to increase the frequency of flooding to deliver benefits locally or elsewhere, which may constitute an overall flood risk reduction (for example local habitat inundation).

The table below shows the distribution of the selected policies across the 43 policy units with in the Thames CFMP.

For further information:

If you would like a copy of the Thames CFMP (July 2008) on CD, please write to:

Environment Agency
Strategic Development Planning Team
Flood Risk Management
Kings Meadow House
Kings Meadow Road
Reading, Berks RG1 8DQ


To view the files here, please see  Thames Catchment Flood Management Plan (July 2008)

6/11/08 - Thames Catchment Flood Management Plan (Summary only) (138kB .pdf)

Link to Environment Agency - Thames CFMP

19/12/08 - Letter from EA to Adam Afriyie MP about Thames CFMP

Thames Catchment Flood Management Plan - published July 2008