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The Jubilee River story - Surface water drainage charge - rebates

Thames Water (and others) now charge for surface water disposal - Are you being overcharged?

Did you know that (in the small print on the back of the bill) customers are now charged for putting rain water down the sewers, a service that the customer may not even need let alone be receiving. To add insult to injury, it is difficult to find and access the rebate claim system.

If you are not putting surface water into the sewer, you now have to locate, complete, and submit the on-line application form in order to claim a rebate.  Please see link below to apply for a Thames Water surface water drainage rebate......

If you cannot find the form on the Thames Water website, please let me know.

Other suppliers will have the claim forms on their own web site.

So not only have we another stealth charge (from a foreign owned company), we are not informed about it, we are automatically charged whether or not we use the service, and rebate system is designed to be somewhere between difficult and impossible to find!!!

For further information and guidance please see the Ofwat web site page


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Thames Water - surface water charges leaflet

Surface Water Drainage - Application Form (364Kb)