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The Jubilee River story - Datchet Parish Council Minutes - 13 February 1895 - Page 24

These are the original Datchet Parish Council Minute Book pages complete with text in MS Word

Datchet had just been flooded yet again......................


Datchet Parish Council

Meeting held on February 13th 1895

Minute re Floods Prevention

For the Inquiry by the Committee of the Thames Conservancy of Windsor on the 20th February 1895.


The Datchet Parish Council is of the opinion that much may be done by the Thames Conservancy to mitigate the severity of extraordinary floods and to thus avoid the great damage to property and suffering to the inhabitants.


Although recognizing that to attempt to prevent such floods “works of enormous magnitude and cost would be required”, the Council is of opinion that for the mitigation thereof steps should be taken for lowering to the utmost level of the river in anticipation of a flood without waiting until such is imminent, any measures then become too late.


For the above purpose the capacity for the escape of water at the weirs, tumbling-bays and flood water escapes should be increased in accordance with plans proposed by scientific experts.  The present weirs etc were mostly erected before the land was drained to the present extent, and are consequently inadequate as a rule for the greatly increased amount of water flowing to the river during excessive rainfall.

If a plan be found by which the lock gates can be opened when necessary should such be adopted in order to supplement the weirs etc in getting the (water away.)