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WANTED - Information about blocked and polluted watercourses please....

I am concerned that lack of watercourse maintenance is reducing flood water conveyance capacity and thus increasing the probability of flooding.

The designated lead local flood authorities as defined in the Flood Risk Regulations 2009 and the EA now have new duties.

The Environment Agency and the lead local flood authority must prepare preliminary assessment maps and/or reports with a duty to identify flood risk areas. 

Then the EA and the lead local flood authority have a duty to prepare flood hazard maps and flood risk maps, a duty to prepare flood risk management plans, a duty to consult the public and a duty of regular review.  

In my opinion it is important that channels are kept clear throughout the year, not just for the winter season, but I do not see this happening.

25/5/10 - River Colne at Staines - EA negligence!

25/5/10 - Wraysbury River at Moor Lane, Staines - EA negligence!

Myrke Ditch and flood bank

So if you know of a watercourse that is lacking maintenance, please e-mail me a picture or two, along with the name of the watercourse, the location of the photo and if possible the name of the responsible authority.  I will then publish the best photos, prepare a report for the Minister and then wait and see what happens.


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