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The Jubilee River story - Bollards - the Slough Weir Car park problem

I received the following e-mail from an unhappy person on 22/11/2010.  Image of bollards below

Dear Ewan, I understand that you have an interest in the Jubilee River and I was wondering if you could help me with some information.

I have an Environment Agency license for the use of a kayak on the Jubilee River. I found that this weekend that there was no provision for parking at the Black Potts end (Eton Road) of the river close to the sports centre and I had to park on the verge at Wallace Walk. I also could not park at my normal car park at the Slough Weir roundabout because the bollards were up? If I pay for a license should not the car parks be open? Do you know why it is closed? Is there a seasonal closure which I do not know about.

Any information you can give me would be welcome.

Best Regards

Image: Bollards preventing access to Slough Weir Car Park 4 December 2010