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The Jubilee River story - ARC landfill - Grundon's pit re-doming - Dec 1988

A blot on the landscape

This fiasco relates to an in-filled gravel pit adjacent to Staines Road, Wraysbury.  Planning permission was first given to pump the pit dry, line it with clay, backfill with putrescible waste, and then cap with clay and topsoil.  That's when it all went wrong - the clay cap sunk - firstly enabling ponds to form and then splitting and allowing the water to penetrate the in-fill material.  I clearly remember walking over the hard-baked and undulating clay cap - enveloped in a nauseating stench and listening to the sound of the gas hissing up through the cracks in the clay.  The remediation works took years, and it is debatable whether the land will ever revert to its original state. I suspect that leachate may be an ongoing issue.

The documentation reproduced here relates to the ARC application for a variation to the original planning consent No ER/158/52

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Application front cover    Site map    Application form - page1    page 2    page 3    page 4

Statement title page 5    Contents/App/plans p6    Statement of intention p7    Remedial action p8    Access p9    Clay p10     Monitoring p11

Added 2/2/2019 - The two images below (dated May 1988) show the gas collection and burner installation required (for decades) to overcome the smell of escaping gas.