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The Jubilee River story (0948z27)

Water level control structure on the Horton Drain at Wraysbury Station.

Report by Ewan Larcombe dated December 2017


Below is an image of the area in early 1988.  Realignment of the watercourses and uncontrolled/unmonitored gravel extraction by means of dry working failed to conform to the agreed method statement.  The foundations of the railway bridge at Wraysbury Station were undermined by flood water and the entire bridge structure collapsed in May 1988. 

A temporary roadway was constructed from Station Road, the railway bridge was reconstructed and the previously quarried land eventually backfilled.  Channels for the water courses were then constructed but not on the original routes.  Consequently the Wraysbury Drain immediately suffered from intermittent flow issues.  After investigation and by agreement the weir on the Horton Drain at Wraysbury Station was constructed to raise and maintain the upstream stage (water level) and consequently ensure that a sufficient proportion of the flow was diverted into the Wraysbury Drain.


The original design of the weir was in the simple stoplog style with a series of boards within slots used to adjust the height of the water upstream by manually adding or removing the boards. Throughout its life the stoplog weir often suffered from both leakage and unauthorised adjustment.

The image below records the condition of the stoplog weir in November 2006 prior to conversion to a radial gate style weir.  There is no apparent water flow due to the creation of both a temporary earth dam upstream and the construction of a watercourse bypass channel that diverted the flow around the structure.  Some of the stoplog boards are still visible - as is the slot in the brickwork on the right hand side - into which the boards are located.


C:\Users\Ewan\Pictures\2006-11 (Nov)\HPIM1693.JPG




The image below of the radial gate that replaced the previous construction was recorded in December 2017 from a similar position as the image of the stoplog weir taken in November 2006.  The same brick constructions embedded into both banks are unaltered and clearly visible on the two images.


The weir itself is positioned on the Horton Drain adjacent and to the South side of the railway line and some 150m upstream from the Station Road Bridge as indicated below.  The weir is not easily accessible.