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The Jubilee River story (0948z26)


Wraysbury Drain - Weir at Wraysbury Station - December 2017

The weir adjacent to Wraysbury Station was built after the railway bridge collapse in 1988. 

Wraysbury Railway Bridge collapse - images - May 1988

The gravel pit was back-filled and the weir constructed in order to provide a portion of the the Horton Drain flow to the Wraysbury Drain.  Over the years the weir has degraded and no longer serves its purpose - consequently over two miles of watercourse from Wraysbury Station to Hythe End has gone dry.


The first image shows the Horton Drain flowing beneath the reconstructed railway bridge (2006)


The image below shows an upstream view of the Horton Drain underneath the Station Road bridge (2006)


The view below shows the temporary bypass channel confluence constructed to facilitate works on the weir.

The main channel is on the left with the returning by-pass channel towards the right (2006)


The view below shows the main channel blocked and the dry weir exposed prior to refurbishment (2006)


The view below shows the temporary dam in the main channel and the off-take to the by-pass channel on the right.

The above images were all recorded in November 2006. 

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