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The Jubilee River story (0948t) - River Thames Scheme (Datchet to Teddington)

A Letter to the Prime Minister about main river maintenance (and a response)

Letter to PM

An open letter to the Prime Minister delivered on 10th March 2015.

Dear Prime Minister

Main River maintenance.

I realise that you are busy but can you help me please?  I live and work in Thames side villages downstream of Windsor and my villages were flooded at least once last year.  Three of my siblings had flood water in their properties.  Some buildings have now been demolished and rebuilt at a higher level but many local households are still out of their homes and some people will never return.

I have received a copy of a letter from the Environment Agency to Adam Afriyie MP which states We are by law granted permissive powers to carry out maintenance of main rivers using funding provided by government, but have no legal duty to do so.

I have highlighted the relevant sentence and attached a copy for your convenience.

I am very concerned that apparently nobody has a legal duty to maintain or improve the conveyance capacity of the designated main rivers or their backwaters.  Consequently the Environment Agency disposed of the dredgers and the operators and closed the disposal facilities (without consultation) some twenty years ago.

I find it incomprehensible that the EA can push on with a 250m - 3 new parallel channel project (the River Thames Scheme Datchet to Teddington) when they have failed to maximise the capacity of the existing land drainage infrastructure.

Maybe you can explain please why the Environment Agency has no legal duty to maintain or improve the conveyance capacity of designated main rivers?

Yours sincerely

Ewan Larcombe (NFPP Leader) 67 Lawn Close. Datchet SL3 9LA

Copy of letter to Adam Afriyie MP (attached to letter to Prime Minister)


Response from Downing Street (received 20th March 2015)

The response from Defra dated 30/3/2015 is two pages as follows:

Defra response Page 2 of 2 below


If you would like to let Sir Philip Dilley (Chairman of the EA Board of Directors) know what is (or is not) happening in your area his e-mail address is