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   National Flood Prevention Party - Common Sense Flood Defence

Why vote for Common sense flood defence ?

I will focus on reducing the probability of flooding thus improving the lives of people at risk. 

I believe that prevention is cheaper than cure and that flood defence maintenance is a wise investment.

     Putting people and property first

     Focussing on fluvial (river) and reservoir flooding

     Revealing authorities shirking their responsibilities

     Exposing flood defence myths

     Encouraging watercourse maintenance

     Supporting effective flood defence investment

     Reducing the probability of flooding

     Demanding fair and affordable insurance

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The NFPP description list attempts to encompass current policy and strategy shortcomings.

We should be putting people and property first, ensuring fair treatment for flood victims and that fair and affordable insurance is available.

We should be exposing flooding myths and supporting flood defence investment.

By putting flood defence first and exposing authorities shirking their responsibilities we should be able to reduce the probability of flooding.

The 110m Jubilee River - part of the MWEFAS project is still a sub-standard mess and unable to carry its design capacity  - Jubilee River - key facts

The Queen Mother Reservoir problem is a good example of a 'near miss'.  By luck alone we avoided a disaster - then to add insult to injury the Environment Agency suppressed the truth and failed to legal action for negligence.

In April 2006 the Queen Mother Reservoir at Datchet suffered a 2.4m diameter burst pipe at the toe of the embankment.  Near catastrophe - and then an Environment Agency cover-up!  We were just a whisker from a world-class flood event, the truth still being hidden today by the EA.

'The truth is that if the pipe had failed any closer to the embankment, a local story could have been world news'!

For details please see  Horton and Wraysbury - river and reservoir flood maps

and  Queen Mother Reservoir - burst pipe - April 2006

Also have you read 'a bunch of cocksure know-it-alls.'?


A few ideas -

Know your watercourses

Set up a Flood Action Group

Make somebody responsible (preferably Parish or Town Council)

Adopt and implement regular maintenance plans.

Support and enable local people to monitor and maintain their watercourses (the Big Society and localism agenda)

Keep detailed records and photographs.

People must come before Great Crested Newts and Depressed River Mussels

Maps and warnings are OK, but flood defence must come first.

Aim to increase conveyance capacity and thus reduce the probability of flooding.

No more excuses like 'it's self-scouring'

Promoted by Ewan Larcombe, 67 Lawn Close, Datchet SL3 9LA  -   Tel 01753 544302