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Wraysbury Landfill Leachate issues.

A planning application has been submitted for a leachate treatment and storage plant on the Staines Road landfill site.

The RBWM application number is 16/03240 dated October 2016.

It is difficult to match the drawings and I may be mistaken but I suspect that one of the possible routes identified for River Thames Scheme channel (i.e. the strategy option) comes right through the existing enclosure identified (in application 16/03240) to contain the proposed leachate facility.

Final site layout drawing dated 6/9/2016 and RTS drawing 122368-ENP-Z0-C1-DR-L-000021 dated August 2016..................

Below I have inserted a copy of the aerial view that gives a good impression of the RTS strategy option proposal.

Proposed leachate facility approximate location is marked in yellow