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The Jubilee River story (0948r) -

The Black Potts Footpath - and another promise broken......

A number of public footpaths run through Datchet.  The section that I am concerned about extends from Eton Road to the Golf Course running adjacent to the Jubilee River.

The area has been a problem since the JR was built because (despite promises to the contrary given at the 1992 Public Inquiry) the flood water repeatedly comes out of the channel and washes the path away.  The raised embankment is very fragile.

In their wisdom the EA has decided to refurbish the path rather than prevent flood water escaping from the channel. It should be noted that this area where the works are taking place was partly responsible for flood water entering Datchet Village in the 2003 event and much extra money has been spent there previously.

The four images below were recorded in October 2014.

The channel specification (below the images) was scanned from the 1992 Public Inquiry evidence.

1) Haul route onto embankment


2) Haul route along embankment


3) Haul route to viaduct


4) Footpath works at Black Potts


1992 Public Inquiry Evidence on Channel Specification