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The Jubilee River story - David Rooke

David Rooke is Director of Flood Management at the Environment Agency.  This is what he had to say about flood defences in the Telegraph on 18 January 2011.














Responses dated 20 January 2011

David Rooks also wrote a paper 'Building for a future with flooding' in 2005 in which he states 'that some people must face up to the need to prepare and accept occasional flooding, or move out.'  Please click here for the complete document (42kB.pdf)

In contrast - Ian Liddell-Grainger - MP for Steart has stated 'but the top tiers at head office have begun to believe their own glowing publicity, and all too often come across as a bunch of cocksure know-it-alls.' Please click here for the full story

The NAO Examination of the Jubilee River reveals sub-standard design and construction and cost overruns.

I wonder whether Mr Rooke is aware of the Myrke Embankment saga? Please click below for details.

The Myrke bend radius problem

The Myrke embankment problems - 1.3m repair