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The Jubilee River story - Reservoir flood maps

'The truth is that if the pipe had failed any closer to the embankment, a local story could have been world news'!

We were on the edge of catastrophe here in 2006 - for details please see Queen Mother Reservoir (2.4m dia. burst pipe) April 2006

and - The Queen Mother Reservoir problem - (the EA censored the Atkins Report)

(The Queen Mother Reservoir lies between the villages of Datchet and Colnbrook on the map below)

The Environment Agency have now published their Reservoir flood maps.

These are inundation maps that give an indication as to what areas may be flooded if there is a problem with reservoir containment.

To find out whether you are at risk, click the picture below to open the EA Interactive Maps  - Risk of Flooding from Reservoirs

Enter your postcode or place name and click Search.  When the map appears you will need to zoom in using the '+' button.

It is important to find out which local authority is responsible for the reservoir (just click on the map).

Below - EA web page extract showing area at risk between Windsor, Slough and Staines.



Environment Agency - Home

Map of SL3 9LA at scale 1:125,000

© Environment Agency copyright and database rights 2010.
© Ordnance Survey Crown copyright. All rights reserved. Environment Agency, 100026380,
contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2010.

This map shows the largest area that might be flooded if a reservoir were to fail and release the water it holds. The map displays a worst case scenario and is only intended as a guide. It is not a prediction of what will happen.

Remember - reservoir flooding is extremely unlikely. There has been no loss of life in the UK from reservoir flooding since 1925. Since then reservoir safety legislation has been introduced to make sure reservoirs are well maintained. [1]

Please note that only flood maps for large reservoirs are displayed. Flood maps are not displayed for smaller reservoirs or for reservoirs commissioned after reservoir mapping began in spring 2009. The reservoir flood maps also donít give any information about how likely any area is to be flooded.

If your property is within the green highlighted area, then you could be affected by reservoir flooding. To find out more about the reservoirs that could cause this flooding, click on the map within the green highlighted area. You will find the name and ownership details of the reservoirs that could cause flooding in your area.

If you want to find out about local emergency plans you should contact the local authority responsible for that emergency plan but be aware that these reservoir flood plans may take some time to develop. You can find out which local authority to contact by clicking on the map.


[1] Well maintained............ I don't think so - and I have the evidence to prove my assertion!

Am I at risk of reservoir flooding? Link to EA web page -

Interactive maps (Link to EA web page)-