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The Jubilee River story - Datchet Parish Council Minutes - 13 February 1895 - Page 26

These are the original Datchet Parish Council Minute Book pages complete with text in MS Word

The Council considers the answer to this proposal by the Conservators at Maidenhead (viz. that orders have been given to the lockkeepers to draw the sluices when the water is over the mill owners’ level) inadequate and unsatisfactory.

It is notorious that men are not always at their posts at critical times:  it is known that such has been recently the case and that the instructions insufficient though they be considered, have not been carried out.

The telephone would enable the head officer to send orders, when a flood becomes likely, that every man shall be at this post, and would render it possible to ascertain in London, whether such be the case.  From an inspection of the charts prepared from the reports referred to, the Head Officer could order such drawing of sluices etc as he might consider desirable, and could receive information if his orders had been carried out.

In estimating the evil effects of such a flood as that of November last the Council takes into consideration not only the temporary damage, and the suffering of the inhabitants but also the great depreciation in the value of house property in the districts flooded and is of the opinion that if such be taken into account the expense consequent upon carrying out the above suggestions would not be (to quote from Sir F Dixon Hartland at Maidenhead) “out of proportion to the advantages accruing”.