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This is an extract from the Snorkelvent web site shown in the NFF Newsletter.  If you have any evidence that this product works, please let me know.

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Protect your air vents against flooding today.


When a house floods, often the first place water enters is through the air vents. These airbricks are essential in many buildings as they allow under-floor ventilation for wooden floors.SnorkelVent diagram

The Permanent Solution

Snorkel Vent is a simple device that is bonded over the airbrick (2). The louvers (1) allow continuous ventilation even during a flood!

Fit and Forget

All other airbrick covers need fitted, closed or sealed just before a flood.….but you can sleep easy with a Snorkel Vent!


A builder is not required. Simple to follow instructions mean any able-bodied person can fit a Snorkel Vent in 5 minutes! They can easily be painted to suit your home.

Maintenance free

Unlike replacement "smart-bricks" Snorkel Vent requires no maintenance as there are no moving parts that can get clogged with debris. Made from acrylic capped ABS - as used for caravan roofs.

Unique safety feature

In floods over 90cm it is recommended water should be allowed to  enter the building otherwise structural damage may occur. Snorkel Vent is the only product available with a safety overflow feature.

Full range to suit any building

Various models and a range of accessories available to purchase online now.

Hints and Tips to Flood Proof your Home.

Do not forget flood water will try to find its way into your house through ground floor toilets and doors. Consider these flood guards: toilet seals or stoppers, sandbags, or other flood barriers for your front and back doors.

Find us listed in: Self Build Guide: UK guide to self build, diy and house renovation

This problem requires more imagination
than sandbags and sticky tape.

Snorkel Vent flood device on house

Snorkel Vents like this are perfect for providing protection against surface flooding. Most flood water does not rise more than 300 mm (1 foot) above the air vents.

Versions for deeper flooding are also available.