From the Oxford Times - 19/8/2007

Dredge the rivers

I attended the Flood Surgery at the Kings Centre organised by the Environment Agency after the third flood in seven years.

Every time you talk to these people all you get are excuses why they should not be doing anything.

Take the rivers and streams running through the western corridor.

Why can't they be maintained as they used to be? The Environment Agency tell you that dredging, widening and clearing these rivers and streams would have had very little effect on the July flooding. But what about 2000 and 2003 floods?

If these rivers and streams were properly maintained this latest floodwater would only have been a few inches instead of a few feet.

Another area that they need to look at urgently is the erosion of the banks of the Thames up stream from Oxford.

ANDY WEBBER, Earl Street, Botley, Oxford