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Certain whites need not apply

By Arthur Weinreb

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A news item appeared in the British media over the weekend that perhaps bests illustrates the absurd lengths to which the doctrine of political correctness has evolved into.

Abigail Howarth, 18, a white student, who was born in England applied for a job with the Environmental Agency’s flood management program. The Agency had advertised that ethnic minorities were “encouraged” to apply for the position; something that is hardly unusual in this day and age.

Ms. Howarth went a step further and contacted the recruiters and asked if she should apply for the job given her race and ethnicity. She received a reply that the position in question was “targeted” towards ethnic minorities. In other words, don’t waste your time applying.

What makes this case different and newsworthy was that the fact that Ms. Howarth was white was not being held against her. She wasn’t being denied the job or encouraged to not even apply because she was white – she was simply the wrong kind of white. Preferences were given to ethnic minorities that included white Irish, white Welsh and white Scottish. Unfortunately, Abigail Howarth was just plain old white English.

The Environmental Agency even admitted that they had no information of evidence that the good whites; those from Wales, Ireland and Scotland, were underrepresented in the area where the job was located which is a requirement for legalized discrimination under the Race Relations Act. Why let the law get in the way of being politically correct.

This is obviously a bad thing for Howarth and other qualified applicants who were white English. No doubt Howarth’s mother would have left the country and given birth to her in Ireland, Pakistan or anywhere else had she known the hardships her daughter would have to endure by having been born in England. If only she had known.

But to society in general, what happened to Abigail Howarth and the other of these “bad whites” may turn out to be a good thing. The only way that society will ever get rid of this ridiculous concept of extreme political correctness is when liberally minded people who abhor legitimate racial and ethnic discrimination finally get fed up and cry “enough”. A lot of people oppose this type of pc behavior where its main purpose is to make those who implement it feel superior and good about themselves. But they are reluctant to speak out lest they be called a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe, a homophobe, and even worse, a George W. Bush fan. But it’s pretty hard to attach these labels to someone who thinks that giving preferences to good whites from Wales while denying employment opportunities to bad whites from England such as Abigail Howarth is wrong. We can only hope that political correctness such as this will continue to create a badly needed backlash against what is nothing more than legalized racial discrimination.

Those who promote political correctness and other issues such as global warming are like the salesman who can never complete a sale. It’s not that he can’t sell; the problem is he just can’t shut up. He talks himself into a sale but instead of taking his commission and going home he continues to talk and eventually talks him out of the sale. The more extreme that these political correct policies become, the sooner we will get rid of them once and for all. Future generations may yet benefit from a society based upon merit.

The pendulum will swing back – it’s only a matter of time and a few more Abigail Howarth’s to set things right.

Arthur Weinreb is an author, columnist and Associate Editor of Canada Free Press. His work has appeared on, Men's News Daily, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck and The Rant. Arthur can be reached at:


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