The Herald - Letter - 9:00am Thursday 9th August 2007


Sir, The news that Baroness Young (chief executive), of the Environment Agency, with responsibility for flood protection, has been awarded a substantial performance bonus along with colleagues, will not go down well with residents of Ock Meadow.

That the Environment Agency, an unelected, unaccountable 'Quango', should release this information on the day that Parliament adjourns for its inordinately long summer recess, thus ensuring no debate, is itself questionable. Who sets these performance targets? Management, whether public or private, seems to be able to set targets that are so low it becomes a one-way bet on increasing their 'take' from the public purse.

Her pronouncement that water bills will have to rise in order to pay for future flood protection also warrants closer examination. There's no shortage of money in this country, it's just being spent on the wrong items, such as rewarding chief executives for failing to protect citizens from flooding, for instance!

Timothy J Oates Town councillor Ock Meadow

9:00am Thursday 9th August 2007