Letter - Oxford Times

'Watercourse neglect?'

Sir - I know you will probably have received many letters regarding the flooding and cause. I am sure that in the river valleys some of this flooding could not be helped.

However in certain areas flooding has been caused by neglect. Rivers, ditches, culverts, drains and streams have been allowed to silt up. Water is passing over them rather than via them, thus preventing the water being channelled away. In recent years Kennington, Nuneham Courtenay and the B4044 west of Farmoor have all flooded but have remained comparatively dry since work has been carried out on ditches and culverts in those areas.

The Thames used to be dredged regularly by the old Thames Conservancy. Why is this not happening now? Is it through lack of money provided to the local councils by the Government (in the same way other services are gradually falling into decline) as well as privatised companies not wanting to spend money to appease the shareholders. Land owners should also be responsible in the upkeep of drainage systems on their property.

Alan Mutton, Kennington