Extract from comment to Daily Express


08.08.07, 5:07pm

If the Environment Agency in East Anglia had rejected an applicant because they were Asian and could not converse fluently in the English language, then be sure all hell would have broken loose with the Agency appearing in a legal court under the Race Discrimination Act.

What of course we are now appearing to witness is the ingenious population of England being treated in a racial discriminatory manner, but to our politicians and law makers/enforcers that does not matter. Discrimination it seems only protects those with black faces. Indeed if the ingenious English population are to be stabbed in the back then lets not mince words other than accepting that such acts can only be those approved by a traitor.

Forget about those famous Churchill historical words of fighting the invaders on the beaches, when the political message today might be more akin to:- Please welcome the invaders, give them priority, and donít stand in the way of their demands.

ē Posted by: English_Patriot