4/8/07 - letter about lack of drain maintenance - from JW of Bustwick (extracted from Hull Daily Mail)

Nobody is more concerned than I about wildlife and the environment BUT the drains, dykes and ditches were created not for wildlife but to protect the land against flooding. The trauma of having your home and possessions damaged and destroyed by floodwater is terrible, let alone the pain and anguish some have had to bear by losing loved ones. We moved into the village 17 years ago and we used to watch the drain being dredged regularly (2 or 3 times a year). The drain was then 16 feet deep and largely free of reeds. It is now 6 feet deep and completely choked. I believe that if the drain was maintained to the standard it used to be, then if not prevented, the flooding would have been greatly reduced, saving hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds.